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What God Teaches Is Good News for All People!

  • God the Father Almighty is the Creator of us and of all things, from this Earth to the farthest stars in the sky.
  • We know about God and His plan of salvation for us only through the Bible, the Word of God.
  • The Bible is God's true, inspired Word and gives God's message of love and hope for everyone.
  • The whole Bible points to Jesus as the Savior of the world - He is God's own Anointed One (the Christ).
  • God is the only true God, who is three Persons that are equal with one another and eternal: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • By the Holy Spirit, God gives us the gift of faith in Him, which we receive only because of His kindness toward us.
  • God created the first people to be immortal and perfect, but they disobeyed Him and thus committed the original sin.
  • Because humans brought sin into the world, all of us are born in sin - it is part of our human nature.
  • Sin is living outside of a relationship with God; in other words, not living according to His will for our lives.
  • We are so completely sinful that our natural thoughts and actions miss the mark that He has set for us in His Law.
  • Our sinful nature makes us completely unable to save ourselves or please God by any kind of good works.
  • Because we are unable to earn eternal life for ourselves, God sent His Son, into the world to make us right with God.
  • Jesus is entirely God and entirely human at the same time, so He could perfectly fulfill God's Law for us.
  • God is not fair; Jesus took the punishment we deserved, and allowed Himself to be tortured to death on a cross for our redemption.
  • Jesus completed His work on our behalf by rising from the dead and ascending into heaven, thus gaining victory over sin and death for us.
  • Because of Jesus' work, He sits at God's right hand and speaks to God on our behalf, declaring us free of the guilt of our sin.
  • We receive God's grace through the Means of Grace -- His Word and the Christian Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communition.
  • Jesus will return from heaven to take all believing people to Himself.  On that last day, all the dead will be raised.
  • The dead will be judged, and all believers will enter eternal life, while unbelievers will be separated from God forever.
  • The true Christian Church, as taught in God's Word, is the faithful of all times who believe in the Holy Trinity, the Three-in-One God.
  • Our faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior is created in us as a gift of the Holy Spirit who empowers true Christians to show their  faith in word and action.

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